Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crying For Sister

Today I was on Meron duty and as I was getting ready I heard her signature cry coming across the monitor. I think it's habit with her - but she wakes up crying (no tears) every day. It's kinda her way of letting us know she's awake.

So I headed in there and jumped on her bed to wake her up (we can be kinda unconventional at times). She started cracking up and she jumped up and "got her room set" (as she likes to call it) which means turning off her nightlight, sound machine, humidifier and turning on the light. Then she crawled back up in the bed beside me and said this:

"Daddy - I was crying because I want sister home..."
Be still my heart. This girl sometimes feels like a living, breathing embodiment of my very soul. Saying out loud the things my soul just cries for.

We talked about it a little bit and I told her we were all wanting sister home as quickly as she could get here - but that God was running things and we were trusting Him to bring her home at exactly the right time.

And then without her seeing - I wiped the tear from my eye - cuz I was crying for sister to be home too.


PositiveJenn said...

And I am wiping a tear away as well. My heart goes out to you three and praying for LH3 safe arrival. Love you guys!

Donna said...

Uh you should give a girl a tear alert warning before reading this stuff while I am work. Crying out to the only one who can get her home where she belongs.

Emy said...

So sweet! Praying for Meron's sister to be home soon! I hear the late MOWA letters were mandated to be turned in soon! Praying this is true!!!!