Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Dinosaur In Our Mailbox

Meron and I pulled this dinosaur outta the mailbox this afternoon. I didn't even think it was real and she didn't even know what it was.

Upon further inspection we came to the conclusion that yes, this was indeed a handwritten letter created by pressing the rudimentary tool known as a "pen" on a thin sheet of wood, also known as "paper."

Meron was pumped to learn of and actually touch this ancient form of communication...

And there - in the middle of this artifact we had unearthed - were the very words that we at Camp Hoffman have been needing to hear for weeks, months even. In this letter from my friend Nick, he said:

"Life has been hard and my faith is kind of shattered right now. But after reading y'alls blog and seeing the joy, happiness, sorrow and humility I'm reminded of just how Great God is and how when you place everything at His feet and let Him do everything His way it works out."
Wow. That is exactly what we have been needing to hear. And not just hear - but to believe.

Not the part about our blog silly... the part about trusting God with EVERYTHING and really putting faith in HIS timelines.

Don't get me wrong - I am all about our blog having an impact and we try to be as authentic and real as we can be. But to have it go out and come back full circle to fill us up right when we needed it... well... come on God. That is just cool.

Thanks more than you know Nick... you thought you were getting fed here but you just fed us more than you could ever imagine...

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jkseevers said...

that is awesome. LOVE when God uses someone to remind us of His faithfulness!