Friday, March 18, 2011

Faithful to Prayer

God is faithful. He hears our prayers and He takes us into consideration. We believe that.

There's been some movement in the slightly-stalled out Ethiopia program. And we are excited. Cautiously optimistic is what we are.

Will you keep praying with us? When this all shakes down we'll share some of our prayers and how God was just ridiculously faithful to us even when we accused Him of being silent.

Our God is big. Powerful. Loving. Mighty to save.


Rebecca said...

Hey Hoffmans,

Ever since I read your "Talk To Me God..." post, I been thinking about it a lot. Mostly because God doesn't usually tell me why things are not going like I'd hoped or expected. Usually He asks me to trust Him and maybe in retrospect I'll understand some of the reasons why - maybe not, but He continues to impress upon me how important it is to press into Him and trust Him.

Over the last couple of months, He's been doing A LOT of work in my heart that I wasn't really expecting. Also recently our church began studying David Platt's "Radical." We're only 3 weeks into the study, but already the Lord has really challenged my husband and I, in addition to allowing us to witness and be a part of His working in the lives of our friends.

I tell you all of this because the other morning I awoke at 3:00 with my mind just racing with everything we've been talking about concerning what it truly means to follow Christ. As I was lying there thanking the Lord for all that He's done in us and allowed us to be part of, it hit me. If we had received a referral when we originally thought we would (Feb. or March), we would have been so completely focused on bringing our little one home, that we would have barely invested ourselves in the "Radical" study. And we would have totally missed out on what God wanted to do in us, and in our church. I know this because I know my heart all too well.

Now, I'm not saying that the delays have been all for us - I think God is MUCH bigger than that - but I know (at least in part) that He has already used the delays to work in our lives in a way that I don't think we would have been open to if we'd already had a referral.

SO, a REALLY long comment to say that I totally agree with you that there really are reasons for this painful (at times) period of waiting, and that at some point we all may see a little clearer what some of those reasons were.

Love your blog :)


jkseevers said...

He absolutely is powerful... mighty...

We are eager to hear some really great news from Camp Hoffman, and trusting that the Seevers crew will have great news as well!

What a journey this is!