Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Her Prayer Is Our Prayer

We've been talking to Meron lately about prayer and how we can be specific with God when we pray. Plus... ya can't live in this house without hearing lots of talk about orphans, adoption, etc.

And hey - she's 3 and a half - she may or may not be retaining ANYTHING we say to her...

But her prayer tonight was this:

Please be with all the kids in Africa who need mommies and daddies.
Please bring them mommies and daddies.
Jesus name.
Uhh... God... Ditto that for us.


naenae91899 said...

So sweet...I do think they get it more so than we think they do...Tommy every night prays for all the orphans to get a mommy and daddy and for God and Jesus cause he loves them very much...It never gets old and still warms the heart so much!

NaCole said...

Such a beautiful girl...inside and out.