Thursday, March 17, 2011

Knock On Wood

I am almost hesitant to post about this cuz I don't wanna jinx us - but we have had some incredibly awesome behavior the past 3 weeks. I am talking 3 weeks of NO TIMEOUTS!

Meron has been doing stellar work at school - her teacher has been bragging on her and we couldn't be more proud. We tell her that a lot and clearly - she is listening.

At the store the other night she was doing her best to convince Laura that she needed a "special treat" for being so good. Laura explained that she was SUPPOSED to be good and not all good behavior gets a special treat. At which point Meron countered with:

"But mommy... I have been so good for weeks!"
When I told her teacher what she had said her teacher looked at me and said "Well - she's right!"

Okay Meron - maybe a special treat IS in order!


emily said...

Um, how about coming to meet your buddies Abe and Eyasu!! Eyasu is so fired up!!! Abe is too, just can't verbalized it like big bro!

NaCole said...

Three weeks! That's awesome! We're in this "not listening phase" where on some days...I'm excited over three hours! :)

Way to go Meron!

Chrissy said...

Wow! 3 weeks! I think Ryan took over for her! Can they hang out more, so she can have a little talk with him? :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my girl is better behaved than me. I have been whiney all day long! Love that girl.
NC Granny