Sunday, March 13, 2011

Recognize and Encourage

A week ago today Meron's Aunt Stacy found herself in the ER with a heartbeat that was outta wack - jumping a beat and acting all crazy. We were in the car when we found out and we all prayed - Meron included. We found out she was okay that evening and truthfully - we haven't talked about it since with Meron.

Today on the way to church, completely out of the blue, Meron said to Laura:

"Mommy - how is Aunt Stacy feeling? Is she better?"
Laura was surprised and said "Where did THAT come from?"

In her typical "quicker-than-she-could-make-something-up" response, Meron matter-of-factly said:
Uh. Awesome.

Laura shared it with me and it really got me thinking about one of the roles as parents I fear we too often overlook:

RECOGNZING the Holy Spirit in our children and ENCOURAGING them to embrace and listen for it.

Discipleship of our children might just be the most important thing we could be tasked with. And without proper recognition and encouragement my fear is that the sound of the Holy Spirit could slowly fade away. To not be heard anymore.

When I pulled up beside them and Laura shared this with me - I immediately jumped out of my car and was all over Meron with encouragement - and you could visibly see the effect it had. She was all smiles and happy to tell me about it. I told her to always listen and ask the questions that Jesus wants her to. To never be afraid or embarrassed to talk to Him or about Him. It was good advice for myself as well.

My prayer for our girl is this: that the Holy Spirit's whisper in her ear only grows in volume and frequency.

God - you continue to bless me with lesson after lesson through this tiny little girl. Thank you for choosing her for us and us for her.


jkseevers said...

amazing. LOVE those moments. I get to experience lots of these with homeschooling, I mean "boot camp for life", as Jeff refers to it!

PS that girl is SOO photogenic! seriously beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love you Meron!
Aunt Stacy :)