Sunday, March 27, 2011

Starbucks Sally

At a corner Starbucks in Arlington, TX we got to meet Starbucks Sally.

Sally went on last year's EthiopiaSmile dental mission trip and is a friend of Team Alexander. We told her who we were, where Meron was from and who we were out there to visit.

She immediately reached across the counter, grabbed our hands and said:

"I'm not supposed to do this here... but let's pray."
And proceeded to bust out the most awesome prayer for us, for LH3 and for Ethiopia.

Uhhh... awesome. I mean - seriously - I basically ordered a grande cup of tears after that cuz she caught me off-guard.

The world needs more Starbucks Sallys.


emily said...

awesome is right! She will love this.

jkseevers said...

that is totally amazing. Isn't soo cool when you are a part of something that feels like the hand of God has literally reached down from heaven and it affects you personally?! I LOVE this! I LOVE Starbucks Sally!!


mandyb said...

this made me tear up. Sally is one of my favorite people ever. she has one of the biggest hearts I know of. So wish I could have met y'all when you were in town!

Emily said...

so so cool! wish we were all more like that

Robbins' Nest said...

we've heard about her too! So cool, what a neat experience, praying for you guys!