Sunday, April 24, 2011

At the Resurrection We All Cheered...

Happy Easter.

We say it with little or no meaning behind it most of the time. I think this year may be the first year that the reality of this celebration really smacked me in the forehead. Every single thing we we do... every single thing... we do it because He died for us. Died, people.

Like... bloody on a cross, broken, torn, shattered... died.

I can't even really put it in to words.

But this video does an OUTSTANDING job of it.

I think may favorite lines are the part about defending a lion and then this:

"Payment. Yes, Payment. Wrote a check with his life but at the resurrection we all cheered because that means the check cleared..."
Good stuff.

I know ya probably came here expecting some cute pics of Meron in her best Easter Sunday dress - but we just didn't do it this year. Instead - we just soaked in the knowledge of what He did for us and spent a lot of time worshiping Him and praising Him and thanking Him.

We went to church Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning. A 4 day event that at any other time in my life would have felt like cruel and unusual punishment was some of the best time we have spent as a family yet.

Don't get us wrong - we didn't cut out the sugary fun stuff. The Easter Bunny showed up and Meron had a great time at the church on Saturday with friends jumping and eating and playing. We just slacked and got hardly any pictures!


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