Thursday, April 21, 2011


Why is Meron looking so sleepy and still up when the clock says 10:22? Well - tonight she got to stay up late so she could come and be part of my baptism. Or as she says - "Daddy got bath-tized."

What an incredible experience to be baptized tonight by Laura and my best friend Chad. These two have been HUGE in my life and have really showed me what it looks like to have real faith in God. I am super blessed to call them both friend and family.

I volunteer at our church's college ministry called ECHO - they routinely bring in close to 1,000 kids on a weekday night and it is just a great experience. When I felt the nudge to get baptized - ECHO just seemed like the logical spot to do it.

Big huge thanks to everybody who came out to support me - that meant a ton! I might have been the only guy getting dunked who had a bunch of kids there rooting me on! I wouldn't have it any other way!

I think my favorite comment of the day came this morning while I was driving Meron to school. She had asked me why I was getting "bath-tized" and I told her to let people know that I love Jesus and that my plan is to try to live my life as much like He did as I can. She thought about it in silence for a good minute or so and then said:

"Daddy - I'm happy you're doing that."
I am rich, richly, richly blessed.


Janie said...

Such a blessing for you and your family that you chose to be Baptized, that that your daughter was able to see it and understand... A special Easter for you for sure!

Donna said...

LOVE it!! What an amazing example you are for others :)

Unknown said...

It was wonderful to see you be bath-tized, and to hear Laura and Chad share about you. Thanks for being a shining example of all out faith.

We were thrilled to have S and C see someone that they know so well get baptized. We have had some great conversations. S was all ready to be baptized too, until Rob said, "Let's dunk them!" She said, "Wait, I don't wanna be DUNKED, just BAP-tized."

What a neat time for your family. So glad we got to be there.

Happy Easter!

NaCole said...

Praise God! I am so excited to watch your walk with our Lord grow. Awesome step tonight...really, really cool.