Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Sinking In...

We talk a lot about Brighton around here. I mean a lot. We are determined to never let his legacy diminish and to keep on letting his 76 days brighten the lives of others.

So Meron is well aware of his name - and she calls him her brother - but we've never gotten in to death and all of that with her. Nope - don't wanna cross that innocence-stripping bridge just yet. So at times she'll act like he is still coming home or she'll make a reference to his clothes drawer in her dresser that we can't bring ourselves to clean out.

But I think the actuality of it has been planted in her heart somehow. I mean - we pray all the time for the Holy Spirit to work on her heart and this is an area I am hoping the Holy Spirit will just take ownership of for us cuz God knows I am unqualified for it!

Last night right before prayer, in the dim light of her nightlight, all tucked in with me and Laura beside her... Meron said this:

"I can't go with Mommy to go get Brighton. Because He is in Heaven.... but I can go with mommy to go get sister!"
I cried my way through a prayer, kissed and hugged her and headed out.

Thank you God - for placing childlike understanding in the heart of our girl. Cuz I have no idea how to explain it...

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NaCole said...

Praise God for His precious, precious Holy Spirit.