Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Streak Has Ended...

Meron had been on a ridiculously awesome streak of good behavior. I am talking almost 6 weeks of NO TIMEOUTS at school! Unfortunately Friday saw her streak come to an end. Even though she apologized immediately afterwards - her behavior got her some hard time in TO on Friday.

We had a long talk and now we have a goal to beat - but her previous streak called for a reward of some kind. So we hit the store and she picked out the MobiGo Touch Learning System. She loves it!

Like mommy like daughter...

These two were killing me - not even sure they knew I was there!

Way to go Meron - I am cheering ya on for your next run - lets make it 8 weeks!

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Jen said...

Whoah! Way to go Meron! I am not sure I could make it 6 weeks. I pray that I pray that I can go a day...impatience is what gets the better of me:) PS Sweet pic of mom and daughter.