Saturday, May 28, 2011


Friends have been such a big deal in little Miss Social Butterfly's (aka Meron) life. She loves her friends. She prays for them by name and talks about them... A LOT.

I look at this picture and can't help but long for the day when another outstretched arm is draped over the shoulder of LH3. Soon. I know it will be soon.

But ya know how cool God is? He has allowed us to not only meet some of our girl's friends in person but to actually create friendships with their families. One of them will be coming home to GA to live with her forever family. The others are scattered around the country but if the ocean can't keep us from our daughter... what's a little road trip or plane ride to hang out with friends?

Thanking God for the abundance of positives in our life today...

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Lyndsay said...

Next spring will be reunion vacation for all these Gladney littles!