Monday, May 2, 2011

God Made The Hoffmans

Last night I was reading Meron's devotion to her and it was all about God's creations and how great and awesome God is. The picture had a boy looking out a window at a rainbow and the sun...

Meron said:

"He IS awesome and great."
So matter of fact. So point blank. SO true. I wish we all revered Him like that.

I asked her if she could list some other things that God had made.
she said without missing a beat. I asked her what else?
"Hoffmans. God made the Hoffmans."
Yes. He. Did!

I absolutely love that Meron is getting that - that she gets that her family was weaved together by God. That He had HER in mind before He even created the earth and that His plan for her family was being put in place way before there was a me or a Laura.

God - thank you for this journey we are on to grow our family according to your plan - and thank you for the opportunity for Meron to endure it with us - and for her to grow in you through it. For her to grasp deep, difficult things in a childlike manner. And for her to keep teaching me through it all...

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