Sunday, May 15, 2011

He Tells Me He Loves Me...

We've posted before about some of the doozies Meron will drop on us where it seems like she is almost real time communicating with God. It always freaks us out - but in a good kind of "freak out" way!

Tonight - while I was out cutting the grass - Laura had this exchange with Meron...

They were heading towards the bathroom to brush teeth when Meron asked this:

"Mommy - do you think God cares if I have all my guys in my bed?"
We call her stuffed animals her "guys" - and Laura said "I dunno honey - why don't you ask Him?"

At that point Meron stopped, looked upwards and said out loud:
"God - do you care if I have all my guys in my bed?"
Then she paused, held her hand up and said:
"He says its okay."
The chillbumps hit Laura right about now as she said "Hey Meron - do you actually hear God's voice talking to you?"
"Yes Mommy - I do."
She said matter-of-factly. Uhhh.... more chillbumps. "What does he say to you baby?"
"He tells me that He loves me."
She paused for a second and then finished up with:
"And that He loves sister too."
And it was all said with the dead seriousness of a child. You know when your kid's being goofy and when they're not. And she wasn't.

Well, all righty then!

Laura encouraged Meron to always listen for God - to seek out His voice and to trust Him when she does hear Him. I think we are nuts if we're not helping our kids to lean into that voice. They are so much closer to Him than us adults are and have the HUGE advantage of not being under a long lifetime of "worldy weight" bearing down on them.

I love when He uses her to speak to us.


Jen said...

Love that He uses the little ones to get through to the big ones! Sweet Meron.

Tracy said...

I love this...thanks for sharing!