Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just Like a Little Ethiopian...

I was getting ready for church this morning when Meron cruised into the bathroom and said:

"Look at me daddy! I am gonna look just like a little Ethiopian!"
When I spun around to look - I saw this girl:

Adorable! I mean A-FREAKING-DORABLE. And I didn't bother to tell her that she IS a little Ethiopian and that she looks like one every single day. Cuz she was just way too cute looking...

On my run tonight I just couldn't shake her cute little image outta my head and I got to thinking "What did I ever do to deserve this incredible gift?" The answer came quick:
"You didn't do ANYTHING to deserve this gift Tymm. Not only did you NOT do anything - but you really don't even deserve it. I gave her to you anyways because I love ya that much..." - GOD
And ya know what? He's right. Parenting Meron is an honor, a privilege and a gift that I pray I NEVER take for granted.

Extra thankful tonight for our "little Ethiopian"


Anonymous said...

Meron looks so cute in her little Ethiopian outfit. While in Ethiopia earlier this year I bought that little dress in a shop that uses proceeds to support Ethiopian women. I think this dress was handmade. little Ethiopian girl is helping a woman in Ethiopia - and looking precious while she is doing it!
NC Granny

Wes and Layla said...

"...just like a little Ethiopian." That's adorable! Focusing on the good in life with you and hoping for some good news for all of us soon!

Carol G said...

Your girl is getting more beautiful every day! Love the dress! NC Granny, you did well!