Sunday, May 29, 2011

Water, Horses and Trains

Life's been hectic around here lately. Mostly an internal struggle against control as we try feverishly to sit faithfully in His will while we wait for LH3 to come home. I ain't gonna lie... it's been tough.

We needed a break. A breather, an interruption, a lull, a recess. A respite or a rest. A discontinuance, some downtime, a lapse or a suspension. Maybe a hiatus. Heck we'd even take a time-out.

This weekend our good friends Kelli and Scott offered to host our buddy Clay-Bear (we didn't wanna leave him home alone) while we got outta town for a day.

Wow - was it needed! We hopped in the car and headed to Chatanooga. We stayed in a hotel with a pool so Meron could warm-up her gills for summer time (I swear she's a fish). We spent plenty of time in the water.

Then we decided to leave the camera at the hotel and just had some awesome family time. We had a great dinner outside in downtown. We took a fun carriage ride around Chattanooga with Desi the horse. And we headed back to the hotel and stayed up late falling asleep to the TV - Meron thought this was the best!

Next morning we got up and swam some more in the indoor pool (before breakfast even!). Meron loved it and when asked what her favorite thing was she said:

"Mine's best was swimming."
Awesome! Mine's too Meron... Mine's too.

Next it was off to the Tennessee Valley Railroad for a ride on a real steam-engine train. Our engine was built in 1904 and had been completely rebuilt. Very neat.

It was crazy hot...

But we chose to sit in the car with open windows and no AC.

Cuz we wanted to be able to hang our heads out the window!

And somebody had NO problem doing just that...

At the turn around spot we were able to get off the train while they spun the engine and as our luck would have it there was a Thomas engine there in their service barn. Meron was SERIOUSLY concerned about him (his face was covered) and I made the mistake of telling her he was sick which worried her even more.

She finally looked at us and said:
"I want to ask the worker-man why Thomas is sick."
It was the cutest thing ever - she is usually super shy around people at first and won't ask anything but she boldy asked the conductor (aka "worker-man") what was up and he explained that Thomas wasn't sick at all (whew!) he was just resting...

Nice save worker-man!

On the way back we went through this super long, super creepy tunnel that was PITCH BLACK! I fired off a picture with the flash to see what I'd get...

And this is what I saw... birds of a feather...

This was our girl on the way home after a super fun, super packed, super fast 24 hours.

I think it's safe to say that LH3 was never far from our minds at all - we're ready to be making these memories with our entire family on the same continent (we're already planning those vacations!).

Thanking God tonight for the blessing of a quick getaway and momentary escape...


La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

This is SO very good to see. Happy that you had some much needed fun. Gotta love Chattanooga!

Shari U said...

What a fun getaway to of our favorite places, too. Love the picture of Laura and Meron in the dark!