Sunday, June 26, 2011

400 Pounds

Today was a whirlwind Sunday for Camp Hoffman. Full from beginning to end but well worth it.

Yesterday we packed up close to 400 pounds of formula for two of our partner orphanages in Ethiopia! Totally exciting - this is our largest "mule load" to date!

We hopped in the car early this morning to personally drive it up to the team leaders of the Visiting Orphans team that would be carrying it for us. This is an awesome family with awesome hearts for orphans.

Meron absolutely adores their kids...

And truth be told - I am pretty sure they were all cut from the same mold - GOOFY! (Yes, Meron is covered in stickers. Why? I have no idea... again - GOOFY!).

We hung with these guys for a while (thanks a TON for lunch!) and then piled back in the car to head back home...

Meron demnstrated how we all felt - we were beat. FYI - I don't typically straight jacket her in her car seat. She was covered with a towel as a blanket and then she dozed off. Her new big girl seat offers nothing in the area of neck support - so I hooked her up with a little "head sling" to keep her comfy...

We pulled in to the neighborhood tired but happy - and then we saw this:

Felt like a perfect ending to a perfect day.

I know it seems like a lot of driving for some formula - but honestly - I'd drive 24 hours with one can of formula if I knew it might be the can that saved a kid's life.

Thanks Visiting Orphans for helping us get this food where it needs to be...

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