Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bragging On Family

Here at Camp Hoffman we like to brag on our family. We've always wanted Meron to know that she has a family that will champion behind her and support her and brag on her all the time.

So as soon as we got our referral for Mebrate we started praying daily that God would whisper in her ear that her family is right here. That we are supporting her. That we got her back. That we can't stop bragging on her. That we LOVE her.

That's why these pictures here are nothing short of an answered prayer. It's our girl - Mebrate Hoffman - showing off her family photo album we sent her and bragging on her family!

She pulled her book out from under her bed and called the other kids over... (I smiley-faced them out because they are all getting adopted too and I dont wanna risk showing anybody who isn't legally allowed to be shown yet!)

They sat down with her as Mebrate started pointing out her family... her mommy, her daddy and her sister...

And she was showing it off to everybody!

I am pretty sure this is like the best post ever. Mebrate - we can't wait to love on you in person and show ya how Camp Hoffman gets down when it comes to bragging on family!


Meggan Lambesis said...

this melts my heart---I love how God is preparing her for her your family!! (and she looks so adorable in that beanie AND those flip-flops are the ones we brought for the kids!! ;)

Emy said...

this is so sweet! our favorite pictures of Eva when she was still in ET was looking at our family photos too. It's such an amazing feeling when you know they know they have a family, you know? HA!

NaCole said...


Its a Wonderful Life said...

So sweet! Praying she will be home with you soon!

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

That is just a perfect gift. God is teaching her to love her family. Precious. Love that pink hat.