Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Daddy In Our House

Laura is writing for the blog again! I promise I didn't pay her a penny for this one! And trust me when I say that the job of "daddy" in this house is simple because of the mommy that is here...

Today was Father's Day, and as Meron says,
"This day is for daddies and not mommies."
You got that right, Meron! And although this is when we recognize the daddy in our family, it is something that should be celebrated EVERY DAY!

I have had the joy and blessing to watch Tymm over the last 4 years become the most amazing father. From major moments like the day we received Brighton's referral, to him fighting for his proper burial, to receiving Meron's referral, to holding her in our arms on Father's Day weekend 2008, to receiving Mebrate's referral, to seeing him hold her in January and whispering in her ear that he is her daddy, to the day we receive her in our arms forever.

Between each of those major moments, there have the been the day to day moments that are just as special for me to watch. I watch him with Meron. I see TRUE JOY in her face when she runs into his arms and trusts that her daddy will catch her when she jumps. I watch him dance with her to Mickey's Hot Dog Dance (you know what I am talking about) with no holding back. I watch him read her nightly devotion to her and pray with her. I watch him sow seeds of God's love in her heart and water them each day. I see the fruit of his labor of love in Meron.

I am honored, blessed, thankful and down right giddy at the sight of this daddy in our home. And while Mebrate does not know the tangible love of her father right now, I am sure the Lord is whispering in her ear just how much her daddy loves her.

Girl, be ready to be loved like you have never been loved.

Happy Father's Day, inspire me.


Tymm said...

thank you Laura. I love my family. A LOT. You guys are the absolute best and you make me look good!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Tymm, for being such a loving husband, father and faithful servant of our Lord and defender of the orphan.
NC Granny aka Your Mother-in-law

Nate Hagerty said...

Amen. I only know you electronically, but you're just about the best e-Dad I've ever seen. Well done.