Thursday, June 30, 2011

Genesis One and One

Meron has some beef with the word "Amen." It's weird. About a month ago she simply started refusing to say it. She'll pray her little heart out but go dead silent at "Amen."

It's nuts. I say "Meron! Why won't you say it?" And her response is always the same:

"I don't like that word."
Weird, right?

I dunno if someone bullied her on the playground while screaming "Say Amen! Say it!" or something nutty - but she is dead-set against using it.

However - the other night she more than made up for it when she dropped this gem on us at the dinner table in lieu of "Amen." Check it out below (we recorded her later saying it again):

Is it just memorization? Yep.
Is it being required of her at school? Yep.
Is it the sweetest thing I have ever seen? Yep.
Is the Holy Spirit involved? Yep - I believe so.

Hearing her rattle off scripture made our hearts swell. We were happy, proud, enamored and in awe all at the same time.

Meron - you got a 30+ year head start on where daddy was with the bible - KEEP IT UP GIRL!!


JAHAH said...

Meron is fly!

Annie said...

Interesting about the word "Amen". But I love her reciting the scripture. How AWESOME!