Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Friends - Same Hearts

Today we did one of our favorite things to do at one of Meron's favorite places to be. Tough guess where that was, huh?

We got to meet up with some more folks from the adoption community who share similar hearts... You know - the kind that are crushed for orphans and Africa and wanting to do something about it. It was a great meeting... these guys are the real deal - making trips every year to Africa to make a difference.

Check them out here when you can and support them if you want an easy way to get involved!

It's always awesome to see the kids playing together and us falling right into conversation as if we knew each other forever.

Thanks guys for a great lunch and for being difference makers in the world!

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Mary Beth said...

Wow, we made the blog. Thanks for meeting us! We had a great time.