Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Resting In Peace

That's what I am doing tonight... resting in peace. Because for the last 2 weeks I really haven't been. I've been a little stressed and worried. Exactly 2 weeks ago we found out that we needed to move our son's resting spot. Not really the easiest thing to coordinate from 8,000 miles away.

That's where this guy comes in to the picture - this is Nebiat. And I owe him so much. He lives in Ethiopia and I met him when I led that mission team there last Christmas. When I needed help, he didn't even hesitate to jump in with both feet.

Don't get me wrong - I know where Brighton is eternally. I know what happened when he drew his last breath - I even wrote about it before. But we fought so hard for a proper burial and visits to his grave have had such an impact on so many people - that it was absolutely critical we get him moved before they plowed, burned and built on the land he was currently in.

And Nebiat just totally got that - he swung into action with no questions asked. He got the paperwork done. He rounded up workers. His dad lent him his company vehicle to transport Brighton's body.

And then - this morning while we slept - the workers began disassembling Brighton's grave and preparing his remains to be moved. All under the watchful eye of Nebiat.

I have no doubt of God's involvement in all of this. Within the first 20 minutes of the 4th Watch I sat straight up out of sleep and felt compelled to pray. This was actually during the time they were moving Brighton in Ethiopia. Laura told me this morning she was awake during that time too doing the same thing. We also heard from another friend who was awake at that time praying.

Yeah... God was involved.

The move went off without a hitch. He has a new place - with some actual greenery around it again! I can't wait for Laura and I to visit it - should be real soon...

We are also super thankful for our friend Caleb in Ethiopia. He went with Nebiat and the two of them captured tons of pictures and videos. And yes - some of it's tough to see - but this is the reality we NEED to face and we never, ever want it far from our minds.

Brighton - I know you are running around with Jesus doing all kinds of unimaginable heavenly things - but you got some of God's people down here who will fight for you and scream about your story til we can't scream any more.

We love you son. A lot of people do...


emily said...

wow. will be there one day, no doubt

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mark, Nebiat and all who made sure this happened. The Lord provided the right people with the right heart at the right time. He is God, the One who loves us.
NC Granny

NaCole said...

The hands and feet of others...can truly be the hands and feet of Christ. How touching to see this all unfold.