Friday, June 10, 2011

So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way...

Today's theme for me just seemed to be about our friends. We are NUTTY blessed in the area of incredible friends. Friends who go that extra length, say that right thing at the right time and who just get us. We have a TON of these friends and we wanna salute ALL OF YOU GUYS!


Here are a few quick examples of what I'm talking about:

We have a friend who was traveling to Ethiopia with work and wanted to take time out of HIS busy schedule to visit OUR son's grave and pay his respects. What? Who does that? Who flies 8,000+ miles and dedicates time to visit our son? Our friends do. That's who. But that's not all...

As you can see - when I was there last - Brighton's grave was still intact but in the midst of other ruined graves. Apparently things have gotten worse and we were at risk of losing Brighton's grave if we didn't act soon. What does our friend do? Mourn about it? Become apathetic? Turn a blind eye?

NOPE. Not our friends.

He picked his phone up right there and tried and tried to reach us. I was in the middle of a huge conference for work but he got Laura and told us about what was happening. Laura got a hold of me and told me the news... we have to have Brighton moved.

What? How? I mean... huh? Rest of the day I fought off tears while trying to work. How could this be? I was SO THANKFUL that our friend let us know - but what now?

That night it hit me - we have friends in Ethiopia. On a whim and honestly in a panic - I fired off an email to 4 more of our friends in Africa explaining the situation.

I KID YOU NOT... I heard back within minutes.

"How can we help?"
I mean - thats the kind of friends God has put in our lives. Within 24 hours I had already received a quote from a great Ethiopian friend. His family had just had to have his grandfather moved in a similar situation and he knew just what to do.

I was breathing easy again. Because of our friends.

I know - I am getting wordy - but bear with me. Our friends are worth it!

This morning - I got to work early and was greeted with this Facebook status on the wall of a friend of ours who is currently in Ethiopia visiting her daughter (who actually has become great friends with Mebrate). Check it out:

We have the kind of friends who take the time to post meaningful Facebook posts from around the world about our daughter that literally altered our day completely. Really - a tangible answer to a prayer in 4 lines on a social networking site.

But that wasn't all. She also took the time to chat online with Laura and tell her how our girl is doing. See Mebrate is shy and we are so worried about her with us being so far from her. But our friend's daughter has become best buds with her and goes to get her when its time to play games and kinda forces our girl to get involved. You know - training her for her future role as Meron's little sister!

AND - she detailed how Mebrate was SO PROUD of her picture book we sent for her. She went to her little box under her bed and pulled it out and was just showing anybody who would look.

These stories. These tiny little glimpses into our daughter's life when we can't be there with her.. They. Are. Priceless.

And speaking of friends - I can't wait to watch the friendship blossom between these two - and can't wait until the day when a black bar isn't separating them in pictures.

I know this was long. I could have just said "We got good friends" and left it at that. But these guys deserve so much more.

BIG HUGE THANKS to all of our friends all over the planet who choose to be incredible, real, authentic and supportive. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!


La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

How great is our God in so many ways? This was no accident. So glad to read that you have friends in ET already working on Brighton's move. We've been praying, and I know this will give you some peace and Mark too.

So happy your friend in ET is caring for Mebrate.

God is in the details.

Jen said...

Your life is truly blessed:)