Sunday, June 5, 2011

So... What's Next?

So everyone is asking, "What's next?"

Well, now that we have passed court we do have a few more steps between us and our girl. There is paperwork needed in order to submit to the US Embassy in Ethiopia for an appointment. So our agency is working on that now. They said it takes 2-4 weeks to get that paperwork together. Once they have it all, they will submit it to the US Embassy. The Embassy will then review our case. We really don't know how long that takes, so we have to watch a few of our friends go through the process first and then we'll have a better idea.

Once they approve our case, they will give us a choice of 3 appointment dates to be present for. At that point, we pick the dates and make our travel arrangements and GO!!

Currently, our USCIS approval (the paper that says we can bring her home) expires on June 17th! We know our appointment will be after that, so we need that renewal asap!

We have applied for the renewal, but still have not received it. Please pray we get it soon. We will follow up with USCIS next week to see what the status is.

We look forward to praising God for EVERY little step on our journey to Mebrate!

Thank you guys so much for standing with us - we could not do this without you!


Carol G said...

I will certainly be praying! You need your girl!

Katie said...

Love that Meron is rocking the crazy eyes! She's too cute!

Kristin said...

I'm praying that all of your paperwork makes it to the Embassy so quickly and that you hear as quick as we did about travel dates! Our paperwork wasn't even there 48 hours and we got the call! I'm going to believe and pray this happens for you guys! You need this beautiful girl home with you!

Michael said...

Now that was a post that I was really looking forward to reading. Thanks for the details that I know so many were wondering about.

Seriously, congratulations again.