Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And In This Corner...

If life was a boxing match - today was like round 12 of a slug-fest. Seriously.

We woke up to some craptastic news from our government and could do nothing more than hunker down for more wait. More bureaucracy. More hurt. More faith-growing silence.

But then Laura got a surprise delivery at work - these gorgeous flowers that Meron is tending to - along with a note that read:

"Praying Miss Mebrate home. Love You!

Team Alexander"
Can I tell you how insanely blessed we are to have these guys in our corner? Especially in this round - where its getting kinda tough to keep getting back up...

Thank you so much Team Alexander for the prayers, the advice, the inspiration and the encouragement. We love you guys!

1 comment:

ashley said...

Just prayed for you guys. We are so walking the same path right now and I completely understand not being able to bounce back quite as fast. hugs to your family!