Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Sister Blessings

Meron has NO CLUE about the gigantic size of the role she is going to play in Mebrate adjusting when she comes home. It's probably better that way. All she knows is she is super excited to have a sister...

But tonight she tossed some of that big sister blessing juice on Mommy...

It'd been one of those tough "no news" days and Laura was struggling through it. When she was putting Meron down to sleep she said "Meron, I'm gonna be honest with you. Mommy is really sad and is just ready for sister to be home now. We need to pray for her..."

Meron's response has sent Laura into tears multiple times tonight when she thinks about it. They were lying on Meron's bed when she looked at Laura and said:

"Okay mommy... here's what we're gonna do.

We're gonna lay here and pretend sister and Brighton are here with us.

So you won't be sad anymore."
They lay there still for a minute or two at which point Meron rolled over, leaned over the side of the bed looking at the floor and said:

I said 'Shhhh!'

Now lay down and go to sleep!"
I love when God shows right up in the form of a 40 inch tall crazy toddler.

Thank you Meron for blessing your mommy tonight!


gbeam said...

Even though we don't know each other, we have a mutual friend, in the Alexanders. Your sweet Meron blesses my socks off every time I read one of your posts. Her simple faith is so awesome. May God bless you during this hard time of waiting.

Gena Beam

Diana said...

This post just made me smile as Meron is one of the sweetest, kindness (and cutests) little girls I know..(even if her sister is going to be sleeping on the floor;)
I am praying you hear something soon!!!
Hugs to all of you..

NaCole said...

Gotta love the Holy Spirit....

Praying that your baby girl comes home, very soon.