Wednesday, July 20, 2011

International Week

This week is International Week at Meron's school. Love it! We're all about spreading our love for Ethiopia whenever and wherever we can... so we were pumped when Meron got to pull out one of her dresses from Ethiopia to rock to school.

"There she goes again, the dopest Ethiopian..."

Unfortunately they are not allowed to wear sandals to school so our traditional Ethiopian was rocking some very non-traditional shoes with her gear. She still rocked it well though!

When I picked her up after school she was kinda glaring at me and she said:

"We were supposed to have African snacks too and you didn't send any with me."
Fail on my part I guess. I said "I'm sorry baby - are you mad at daddy?"

She smiled big and said:
"Nope. You can just give me African snacks tomorrow."
Whew. Thank God for that... now where do I find African snacks?

Meron - snacks or no snacks - you are one cute little Ethiopian!


Anonymous said...

Um, I do recall eating a lot of pizza in Ethiopia - JUST KIDDING! :-)

NaCole said...

LOVE that last picture! She's looking like such a big girl :)

NCGranny said...

I DID eat a lot of pizza in Ethiopa and it was delicious.
NC Granny

Emy said...

What a cool preschool!