Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Little Aqua Tot

Meron had her first Aqua Tot class today. She was super pumped and a little bit nervous. I didn't get to go but mommy gave me the play-by-play via text and Meron did AWESOME!

Dunked under water, floated on her back... she aced it all.

Matter of fact - when the teacher saw her and recognized her as new, he said "Hi there - are you going to be able to put your head in the water and blow bubbles?"

Meron's response:

"Yes - you mean like this?"
As she proceeded to slam her face under water and blow bubbles...

And that's why we're here. The girl has NO FEARS. The goal is graduating with some water safety skills and the ability to get out safely if she ever falls in water - or in her case to get out after cannon balling off someone's roof. She's just nuts like that...

She earned some Yogli Mogli tonight for doing so good in her first class. Keep it up girl (cuz daddy likes him some Yogil Mogli!)


the heaths said...

Go Meron! We like Yogli Mogli too, just sayin :)

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Think I spot Coach Michael! We heart Aqua Tots. Glad it went well. Brilliant, huh?