Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Seek Justice. Love Orphans.

One of our favorite people on the planet - Carla - is going on a mission trip this winter and she got some dope bracelets made to raise some cheddar for her trip. We bought one for the whole family. They say:

Right up our alley!

And it just so happens that I am going on that same trip with her! I have served with Carla before and I cannot wait to be back out there beside her trying to be the hands and feet again.

Wanna rock a bracelet too? To remember to pray for orphans and the team heading out? All the cool kids are doing it...

Go snatch one or two and ya help Carla out in the process!

Seek Justice. Love Orphans. Sums it up well Carla.

It's what we try to do...

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