Saturday, July 16, 2011

Superman Was Adopted

Some of our awesome friends hooked Meron and Mebrate up with one of these super dope "Superman Was Adopted" shirts. Love them!

We go way out of our way to talk about adoption and remove any stigma associated with it - much like I am sure Jonathan and Martha Kent did for Superman. And like the Kents, we too want to raise Meron with a strong sense of morals and encourage her to use her powers for the betterment of humanity.

And who knows... maybe one day Laura will be busy sewing Meron's superhero outfit for her.

Adoption is BEAUTIFUL Meron. Never, ever forget it.

And you are in SUPER company!


emily said...

Your buds Abe and Eyasu rock their shirts too Meron! How about coming back to Texas to see us??? :)

Gwen Oatsvall said...

the O team has these shirts also !!! hee hee ... we all have such good taste and know how to rock a message ... blessings and praying for you guys always !!!