Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two Gets A Bad Rap

Seriously... two gets a bad rap. All the way around. As new parents you hear about the "terrible twos" and you kind of panic. You brace yourselves for this season of toddler terror, this year of total defeat and then... it doesn't happen. But I am on to you two... oh I am on to you.

You weren't happy with the label you'd been given - so you outsourced it all to three. Which I now fully believe should be referred to as the:

Today was one of those days where we felt all of the above - probably multiple times each. It included stuff like this...

It was a rare cool (by cool I mean not 97+) day so we decided to hit the park. Meron is climbing, running, sliding, jumping. Not to mention falling, tripping, bumping, etc. So when she decided to cross an obstacle she clearly can't manage by herself I step in to offer some help and am hit with:

"NO! I don't need you! Go over there by mommy! I don't need you!"
I tried about 5 times to get in there to help and each time I was met by the same screams as if we were waterboarding her or pulling her nails out with rusty pliers (which we NEVER do in public...)

So I gave in (my first mistake) and turned to head towards Laura when I heard:

Yep - she bit it. Fell from about 4 feet and bounced off a few playground obstacles.

As a parent - I had to fight the urge to say "See, I told ya! You DO need me!" and give her a little bit of the attitude she has been dishing out to us. Instead, I scooped her up, hugged her and made sure all arms and legs were working.

It was just that kind of day...

She surely didn't DESERVE a special treat tonight but we took her to one of her favorite spots anyways. And we had a nice little chat about GRACE.

4 - you can't come fast enough!


AGoodKindOfCrazy said...

Gosh, the 3's are freakin' horrible. But they're so cute and say the darndest things. My 2 year old (who is pretty terrible) is about to turn 3. My gray is preemptively turning gray, as he is the 3rd child and much worse than the older two ever were.

But he's also cuter. Shhhhhh.

The Redman's said...

Throttling threes. Enough said. :)

Erin Martin said...

Four isn't magical either... Just saying...

angie said...

i TOTALLY agree!! two has nothing on three. i always try to warn my friends and they don't believe me. then comes the 3rd birthday and they rush back and were right!

so interesting that it is such a hard age. i would love to know more about the psychology of it all!

now, i am freaking out because silas is rapidly approaching three. i cannot even IMAGINE because two has been hard enough!!

maybe the hard 3's is just a girl thing and boys are the terrible 2's?!!

a girl can hope...right?!

Emy said...

Glad Meron is okay, but you are OH SO RIGHT! Whew, the 3's are kicking my butt!!!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

I agree that three is so much harder than two. It is by far the hardest age ( or at least it was with both of mine)

NaCole said...

Three..?? Heck, at 4 you get the "I can do it myself" along with an ever so lovely whine in the voice. Yep, I agree with the The Martins, four is not magical. if they still aren't the cutiest things ever!

Anonymous said...

Three is a special time - enjoy each day and each moment and treasure them.

Diana said...

I think the 2's are just a sick little joke to what 3 brings to the table as you worry about 2 and just when you think "this is not bad at all..they turn 3!!! Mine are now 13 and 18 and I still remember "THE 3's"
I dont think it helps that she is so darn cute can you yell at someone that cute:-)