Thursday, July 28, 2011

We're On A Rock!

We were blessed to have some family roll in to town this past weekend and spend a few days with us. We always have a blast with these guys no matter what we do.

This time we decided to go spend a night and a couple days at a state park here called Stone Mountain.

We started out on a boat. Poor Meron had to wear the suffocating life vest.

Then we Sky Ride-ed our way to the top of the mountain where we snapped pictures like some photomaniacs!

Like this...

and this...

Everything just looks cooler with that background!

Here's a sure-fire way to know we're family with these fools - this pose just happened on it's own...

then it sorta morphed into this... look at Ansley - as if she's saying "Seriously - who ARE these people?"

But she couldn't hold out very long!

Then it was off to the pool for a MUCH needed dip. Seriously... it was HOT!!!

After that we headed to the mountain for what turned out to be a really cool laser show...

... that a certain somebody didn't quite make it through! That's okay - she had been a trooper for the whole day and lucky for us we were staying right across the street - a 5 minute walk away and Meron was snoozing in her bed...

The next day the big kids played on a Sky Hike...

... and Aunt Stacy took Meron to the Great Barn for some bouncy, slidey, ball throwing fun.

We hooked back up at the Great Barn so the big kids (who are really little kids) could have some more fun!

We watched a Yogi Bear 4-D adventure movie that put some smiles on the faces...

... and then we hopped aboard the train for a loop around the mountain.

I ain't gonna lie - I think we ALL dozed off a bit! I know these three did!

Next up - Putt Putt! Meron's first time behind a club. She had a blast!

While some of us could NOT get along with the ball.

After I dominated on the putt-putt greens - we hit an old timey plantation to see what life was like before facebook, blogs, smart phones and Justin Bieber.

The petting zoo area was a hit with Meron and Will!

And Meron insisted on a shot with this extra-creepy Scare-A-Daddy before we left...

Afterwards - we all piled in the van - exhuasted but happy! - and headed home.

Thanks Mathii for a seriously fun time right here in our own backyard!

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