Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And.... She's Off!

Meron and I dropped Laura off at the ATL airport tonight as she bravely stepped WAY out on faith and said "I am going to take custody of our daughter."

We have not gotten favor from the US Embassy yet - but we feel like it's right around the corner.

I had emotions all over the place. Excited that our girl would finally be in the arms of Laura. Worried and nervous for Laura as she traveled alone. Trepidation about what the embassy will say or ask for next. Frustration at times with our agency.

See - I told ya. I am a cornucopia of emotions right now. And God knew this - and He showed up and wiped at least one of those concerns right off my plate.

Laura called me about 45 minutes after we had dropped her off. I could tell by her voice something was up - she seemed so comfortable, so confident. She said:

"Well - you don't have to worry about me on this flight... Rob, Rick and Matt are here and are on this same flight with me!"
Really God? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Rob, Rick and Matt are three pastors from our church (that we know well) who, unbeknownst to us, were flying out to visit an orphanage in India. They will be on the first and longest leg of the flight with Laura. And that instantly put my mind at ease.

Wanna pray with us for favor from the embassy and a smooth transition for our girl? Thank you very much sir - We'll take those prayers!


Anonymous said...

If I ever find myself doubting God's Love, I come here and see His Will working in your lives and I ALWAYS find my strength again!

Thank you for sharing your story, Loving the Orphans and for basically being the best example of a true Christian Family I've ever had the pleasure of knowing!!

Praying for your family with tears in my eyes and love in my heart!

michelle wash said...

Wow! I haven't been in touch with you guys to know what's been going on, but just read your latest blog. I will definitely join you in asking our God to show Laura favor in the next few days and even hours! Gods favor is one of my favorite things to ask for and I believe He gives it generously to those who believe in a faithful, powerful God who can do more than we can ask or imagine! Looking forward to reading updates and celebrating Gods hand in this situation.

Kari & jason said...

So extremely excited for you guys and will be praying. Also excited that you managed to use the word cornucopia in a blog that wasn't about Thanksgiving. That takes skill!

Meggan Lambesis said...

Praying like crazy! Keep us posted!!

Anonymous said...

Don't ever doubt God's love and his grace ever ever ever!

cshows said...

I love that God took care of a seemingly "little" detail to reassure you guys that He's got this. He's been with your daughter since the beginning, and He'll take care of everything. We're pleading with God for favor in all the areas that you all need right now. Hang on and see God work! Love you guys!

Emy said...

Wow! AMAZING! We have to fight for our children!!!!! Praying for Laura, Mebrate, and all of you while you wait for them to be HOME!

Allie said...

praying for you guys. Can't wait to meet her!

aseason said...

God is so good! Amazing how He took care of her and you.

Challa said...

I am so excited for you that the wait to unite Mebrate with the family is over (almost).

- Challa

Anonymous said...

Praying for her to bring your baby girl home!

Anonymous said...

This verse ended our weekly update from our agency:
Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God. Philippians 4: 6
Praying for ya!
Holly & Bob Godfrey in CA

Gwen Oatsvall said...

you know how much we adore ALL of you and the faith you have is encouraging ... praying favor and safety for all ... love you guys !!!