Friday, August 26, 2011

Answered Prayers

Two years ago - when we started the process of adopting again - we started praying pretty regularly about our daughter who was out there somewhere.

Then about a year ago when we got our referral we were able to start praying for her by name. And then... when things started slowing way down - we started praying specifically that God would make up for this missed time with our girl by working directly on her heart.

We asked Him to mold her heart - to make it known to her that she was a Hoffman - so that when she got home she would just seamlessly fit in.


Acting nutty!

Cheesin' for the camera...

Pretending to "sleep on demand."

I think she fits right in pretty well as a younger goofy Hoffman.

God is faithful and He cares about prayers.


Anonymous said...

The light in her eyes in that last picture! You can tell Mebrate KNOWS that she is home and she is loved.

NaCole said...

LOVE these photos...and LOVE, LOVE God's faithfulness.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! The girls are so beautiful! Happy Mebrate is home and thanks for updating your blog so frequently! I love it.