Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm Mad At You!

Meron and I were driving today when I glanced in the mirror and saw this face staring back at me. It caught me so off-guard and I couldn't stop laughing. She didn't break character at all. Not even a smirk. I said, "Meron - what are you doing?"

Her only reply was:

"I'm mad at you."
Between poor attempts at stifling my laughter I asked her why. She finally broke character, busted a big smile and said:
"I am just kidding. I'm not mad at you. But that is how you make a 'mad at you' face with your hands on your hips."
I looked a little closer and sure enough - in her car seat in the back - she had her little hands all propped up on her hips.

What a goofball! I had her re-create her "mad-at-you" pose when we got home.


Not sure what's up with the wide stance. She looks more like the disgruntled base of a cheerleader pyramid than somebody who is mad at me.

Either way - she was good for a laugh this evening!


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Jen said...

i think you may have an actor on your hands! love the tshirt.