Thursday, August 4, 2011

One Roof

My girls are scattered all over the planet today. But it hasn't stopped them from shining in my life like they usually do. Just in dfferent ways... my two girls who are hanging out in Ethiopia sent me text messages like this one below all day long to help me see how great they were doing!

Then my girl who is hanging with me here stateside - keeping me company - convinced me to let her stay up late after her hair wash. I caved... and then had a blast watching her nod off on the couch..

No matter where they are these girls bless my life constantly.

But I am totally ready for my family to be under one roof!


Jeff Seevers said...

Those texts are the absolute best...

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness I could barely finish reading this after seeing the text mrssage.

Maybe He is just trying to show you what your next step in the life of helping orphans is... There is a purpose to this struggle, God doesn't make mistakes and He see's your faithfulness... This is just part of His great big plan and I pray that within the next few days you will find that purpose and the puzzle pieces will come together to form the most amazing family ever and all your girls will be under that same loving roof!!

Hang in there!!!
You all got this!!! ...just in His time, not ours.