Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Parents Magazine

What's that you're reading Meron? Parents Magazine? Good stuff?

Oh nice! An article on building your family through adoption that highlights various countries and things to look out for in the process. COOL!

A little over a year ago we found ourselves in a conversation with a journalist writing an article for a magazine. It was about international adoption and she was talking to us about our experiences in Ethiopia. Honestly - so much time went by I kinda forgot about it and thought it might never be published.

But it's out now in the September issue. There are 5 stories from 5 different countries - it's a nice overview of the process and what to watch for and expect.

You can check out our section below or download the whole article as a PDF file here.

We absolutely love sharing about adoption, Brighton and our journey and were blessed to be part of this story!