Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cooling Down

When Mebrate first came home she was on fire. I mean... literally. Holding her felt like cuddling up to this:

So much so that I was worried... did she have a fever? Nope... core temperature was good. But hold her for a few minutes and you were sweating and you could just feel the heat coming off of her.

Then we read about stress-related body heat. When exposed to something extremely stressful some people's bodies will react by getting SUPER HOT while at the same time their fingers can be freezing. She definitely had that going on.

It's sad to think about what all these little tiny bodies have been through.

A few nights ago I was rocking her before bedtime. She's a cuddler and she crawled up real tight with her arms around my neck and I realized... she's not burning up!

I whispered "I love you Mebrate" into her ear and I heard her tiny sweet accented voice from its spot burrowed in my neck say:

"I love you dah-dee."
And a smile crept across my face.

Thank you God for being with our girl as her heart and mind and body slowly starts to acclimate to her new normal...

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emily said...

I'm tired of crying reading your posts.