Sunday, September 18, 2011


Meron and Mebrate got a super dope surprise this past week in the mail...

A big box full of some of the cutest clothes for them. Both girls were pumped but Mebrate in particular was SOOO excited (she gets really excited and proud over anything new or semi-new for her).

She kept tapping her chest and saying "Mebrate's!" with so much pride. Before I knew it - I looked over and she had 4 shirts on as she was pulling all her new clothes on immediately.

Big HUGE thanks to Roscoe and Elaine for their incredibly huge hearts and their selfless generosity - you guys made two little girls really, really happy.

And big HUGE thanks to God for making sure Meron has the goofball gene (and its ALWAYS in effect!) - she's a Hoffman through and through!

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