Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Laura was doing Mebrate's hair tonight when Meron said:

"Mommy - are you making her hair all round like a bowl?"
Calling it like she sees it. I love it.

Laura's response was "Yep. I am."

I love that they each have such different unique hair.

It's what makes them... them.

I wish I had a tiny piece of what either of them have.


Anonymous said...

OH, Mebrat's hair is soooo thick and kinky. Reminds me of my hair when I was young. I HATED getting it combed. Yikes. Have you considered a relaxer for her??

Anonymous said...

They are such beautiful girls. Please don't relax her hair, the hair God gave her is just fine. My daughter and I love reading your blog.

Tymm said...

we appreciate the concern for our girls' hair. No worries - the only relaxing around these parts is when Mebrate and Meron lounge in their bean bag chairs and watch some Strawberry Shortcake while mommy combs their hair.

We too believe that God gave them GORGEOUS hair and we tell them that every day!