Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's Time Sissy...

The other day I overheard Meron say to Mebrate:

"It's time for you to see Brighton, sissy..."
And she grabbed her hand and led her towards her room. I tagged along behind cuz I wanted to see what this involved...

They went in to Meron's room and flicked the light on - Meron pointed up to her wall at the picture that has been there since day one...

She looked up at the frame and said:
"There he is sissy. There's Brighton."
I slid away without them seeing me and tried to fight off the tears - it just makes my heart HAPPY and OVERWHELMED to know that Meron thinks about Brighton.

A few days after that - we were all in Meron's room and again - she pointed up at the picture and said:
"There's Brighton. That's your bruvah! That's your bruvah sissy!""
There she was - thinking about him again. And it's ALWAYS with a smile on her face...

I LOVE that every night Meron includes Brighton in her prayers and that she is spreading her love for her brother on to Mebrate.

Big sister knowledge is awesome!

P.S. - that crazy smile Mebrate is rocking is her new "on demand" smile. We'll give that a bit to work itself out before enrolling her in a smile boot camp of some sort - NUTS!


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Sarah said...

That is amazingly beautiful.

Also, my little one from ET smiles like that all of the time too! We can send them to boot camp together ;)