Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stink Face

This girl can go from this adorable look...

to this in like 2 seconds flat! We call it her "STINK FACE." I'm pretty sure she got whatever she wanted when threw it on too - she is the queen of the pout!

We've slowly been working with her to let her know that pouting ain't gonna get her anywhere in these parts...

This one here? She just laughs it off and says:

"She has her stink face on again daddy!"
I think she's starting to come around though. Every time I see that stink face I say "Are you pouting?"

With a huge smile she shakes her head no, no, no!

We're making progress!


Jay said...

Dear Mebrate,

You call that stink face? Please. Come to our house and we'll show you how to take it to a whole other level.

Your friends,

Laney, Hailey, & Hayden.

Sarah said...

The Ethiopian pout. I know it well. Is it followed by a word, "impe" or "impy"? We never learned tge direct translation but we feel it is Amharic for "No way, Jose". Praying for your family as it is finding a new normal once again and love seeing the precious pictures (stink-face and all).