Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thankful For These Kind of Friends

We are so thankful for these guys right here...

For Parker's birthday - they turned their house into a carnival, invited a bunch of people to come over and play... and also..

asked them to bring formula for Brighton Their World!

Thanks so much Parker for sacrificing some of your birthday so that little guys across the globe might eat!


laura said...

I am so humbled when our friends and their kids choose to bless OTHERS for their birthday rather than get gifts for themselves!

I wish more people would do this! I LOVE IT!

Unknown said...

I love those people too!!! Yeah for blessings!

Steph said...

Hey! I KNOW those people! :o)

We are happy to say that we rounded up over 20 cans (more still trickling in, too!) of formula and at least $105 in cash (not to mention online donations directly to BTW) to help feed the babies!

We had a great time and we were so excited to be able to do this for Brighton Their World!

(Although I was informed we would be making an appearance on this blog, I wasn't sure when it would be. You can imagine my surprise when I checked in for the day and saw our family. It was like we were FAMOUS!!)