Saturday, September 17, 2011

We Love To Fly

Man - we love to fly in this house. I mean... we soar pretty much every day. Wide open and screaming with glee.

I love that my girls love to fly.

I love that they have so much trust in me that they just fly out of my arms and fling their arms and bodies wide open - knowing full well that they will be caught. Cuz their daddy is right there for them.

I learn so much from these two. This right here is a picture of how I am supposed to be with God. Wide open, screaming with glee, knowing He is there for me. Somehow - I manage to not live my life like this all the time with Him. But when I do... man... when I do.... the love He pours out astounds me.

Meron... Mebrate... thank you for the lessons in trust and love you give me pretty much daily.

I am one blessed dude.

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Debbie said...

awesome post, so true!!