Tuesday, October 4, 2011

EthiopiaSmile 2011 - Day 1

5:30 AM Friday morning I was at the ATL airport. I said my goodbyes to the girls and headed in. About 24 hours later I was at the Addis Ababa, Ethiopia airport. Tired, travel-weary... but EXCITED!

I met up with two other team members - Glenda and Holli - and our awesome driver Eyasu - and we headed out.

We were the first ones there for the team and we had a whole day ahead of us. Holli sponsors a child who lives at Kolfe - an all boys home/orphanage. She wanted to visit and we were all up for it.

I am glad we did. Here is where I met my new buddy Cherinet.

What an awesome kid he was. So kind, so friendly. And he had incredible English (he said he studied it a lot).

We hung out with them - they showed us around the grounds - and we watched a little "futbol."

Then - no kidding here - I got attacked by this monkey...

No joke - the thing dove on my leg - I panicked a bit and shook it off and then it dove back on my leg with its teeth all wild and crazy...


As we were walking away from that, my new friend Cherinet said:

"I hate that monkey."
I am right there with ya Cherinet!

After Kolfe - we grabbed some lunch at Island Breeze while Eyasu exchanged some money for us. Afterwards, I wanted to go to try and find Brighton's grave. I hadn't seen it since it had been moved so I was looking forward to checking it out.

Well - we couldn't find it. Me, Holli, Glenda and Eyasu were trooping all through the overgrown cemetery looking for it and it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So finally - Eyasu got the idea to ask the guard - who then called the caretaker. He came to the cemetery and once Eyasu told him "It's the one written in english..." - the caretaker walked us directly to it...

I was super relieved that I got to see it - big huge thanks to Holli, Glenda and Eyasu for putting up with me as I had them trooping through the graves in the rain... THANKS GUYS!

Finally - it was time to wrap the day up with some Kaldi's coffee and head back to the hotel to greet the rest of the team.

That didn't happen quite as early as we expected though. The rest of the team had been stopped at customs and a LARGE amount of our dental supplies had been confiscated. Hours of arguing with customs officials had the rest of the team arriving at the hotel somewhere around 2:00 AM...

Satan had already started attacking - but lucky for us we all knew who was in control.

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