Thursday, October 6, 2011

EthiopiaSmile 2011 - Day 3

After a quick breakfast (ya learn to eat light and quick in Africa) we were all outside ready to load up. We had an EARLY day for our first dental day because we were heading 2+ hours south to an area known as Adama or Nazret.

This place was remote. I am talking "camels on the side of the road" remote. Probably the furthest outside the capital city I have ever been.

This particular day and location were super special - the orphanage we were going to is the current home of our leaders' daughter who is in the adoption process. And this was an even more special day for me because I was getting a chance to return a favor...

You might remember last year - on this very trip - when Moody and Emily hugged on Mebrate for us. Or maybe you saw the video of them all praying over her for us. Well - now it was my turn to love on their daughter - and I could not wait.

That right there is the face of a mom and dad seeing their girl for the first time (can't show her - wish I could cuz she is ADORABLE!)

A little while later - after the hype had died down - I snuck in to her room and I am pretty sure I won her over. I held her. I prayed for her. I told her she was an Alexander. And then I told her the Yankees were the best team in baseball. I know there was a language barrier but I could see she got it as she shook her head in agreement.

Next we headed next door to a church that was being built to set up our makeshift dentist's office.

Once we were up and running - Moody addressed the waiting patients. He told them them why we came (Jesus) and why we loved them (Jesus) and why we were going to try to help them out (Jesus). It was cool. And then the madness began!

Myself and a bunch of the other non-dentists were what we called "buddies." We got to spend the most time with the patients - we were with them from check-in all the way to post-op and pharmacy.

Our goal was to make them feel safe, calm, comfortable and at ease. No small task when you don't share a common language! But ya know what we learned quick?

A smile can convey a lot.

A simple touch can say more than words.

And a hug can calm fears like nothing else.

We took them through getting numbed up with shots...

And stayed with them through their procedures...

Towards afternoon we wrapped up after treating a little over 80 patients.

After a bread and singing ceremony put on by the orphanage director and nannies - we hopped back in the van for the long ride back to our hotel.

Tired but filled up - we made the 2 hour trip back - showered, rested and hit the sack to rest up for the next day - our first dental day in Korah!

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emily said...

Good thing everyone showed up for the bread, that could have been ugly! :)

Great recap. Love reading these.