Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Home School Seminary

When Meron came home at 7 months, Laura and I started really praying some specific prayers. We were asking daily for God to send the Holy Spirit to work on her heart as soon as possible. See - I didn't want her to go through the formidable early years of life without a solid foundation in Christ... been there - done that - not fun.

So every single day we prayed for her heart to be open and for God to do His work there. Well - I think He might have been listening - cuz lately it feels like we are running a Home School Seminary over here at Camp Hoffman... the girl is bringing the questions and I am nowhere near qualified to answer them!

Tonight - she was sprinting through the kitchen and living room shouting:

"Jesus died on the cross for my sins! Jesus died on the cross for my sins!"
Indeed He did Meron. Indeed He did...

Then there was the question she tossed at me last week. At bedtime we always ask both girls the same thing - "Are you forgotten?"

They answer with a resounding "No!" and then we say "Why?" and they say:
"Because God knows my name. It is written in the palm of His hand!"
And in Mebrate's case she pretends to write in her palm while saying "Mebrate!"

Well - this night Meron said all that and then looked at me and said:
"Soo... God made everything?"
I said "Yep, He sure did."
"He made you, and me and all the plants and animals?"
Same answer from me - "Yep!" Then she got quiet for a second... and then looked at me and asked:
"How did God make Himself?"
Uhhh.... ummmm... [panic sets in as I look for an escape route...]

All I could muster up was "Baby - that question right there keeps a whole bunch of people from loving God like they should - so we're gonna just love Him and we'll ask Him all about it when we get to Heaven..."

Which in turn led to questions about Heaven and how we got there - like really - how does Jesus get us there?

At that point I went with all I had which was "Honey - lets sing some songs and go night night..."

Thankfully she agreed.

God - we are BLESSED by the spirit alive in this little girl. Please, please, please give us the discernment, wisdom and strength to give her exactly what she needs to continue to grow in You...

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Kim said...

If you are looking for something which answers to some of the wild questions that Meron comes up with (BTDoingT over here), I am using a program called Bible Study for all Ages. It comes with a CD of wonderful songs and S looks forward to doing it daily. Meron and Mebrate would love it.