Thursday, November 10, 2011


I want my girls to have confidence. Confidence in God. Confidence in their daddy. Confidence that I'll always be there.

Confidence in self.

So last night we went on an after dark walk in the neighborhood. Armed with flashlights we made our way up the street to the front of the yard. The girls were a little nervous but their lights were helping them out.

Then I dared them to walk to a tree about 20 yards away and back. They both did it - no problem. Next up - walk to the backyard fence and back.

Double-dog-dare ya!

Meron was all about it. No fear in that one I tell ya (well... until we saw that spider a bit later). Mebrate opted out of that one. I don't blame her - it was crazy dark!

Tonight Meron and I got another chance at it. She came running with me in the woods and it got dark about a half mile from the car.

Armed with my headlamp - she explored all over the place while I put the B.O.B. up. It's amazing what some experience and 24 hours will do for your belief in self..

Love watching them grow in their confidence.

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