Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just Another Blessed and Happy Day

Your Facebook wall can be a great place on your birthday. I know mine sure was today. I got tons of awesome well wishes from my friends - undoubtedly the best friends on the planet. But one of them took the time to really put into words the truth about things for me.

She said:

"Tymm, I'd love to wish you a "Happy Birthday" and all of those wonderful happy wishes that go along with it BUT, I peek in on your page just about everyday to see what those little girls are up to and I'm not sure I need to send any wishes your way? Lol...

The smiles on the faces of those little girls tell me that your blessed EVERYDAY and that your life is filled with magic and happiness everyday. I guess what I'm trying to say is that just about each day must seem like your birthday? Lol...

I hope today was just as special as the others but that maybe today was a blessed and happy day with cake? Lol... Happy Birthday Tymm."
Wow. She spoke some serious truth to me!

With these girls...

And these girls in my life - every single day IS like a birthday to me!

There isn't a single thing that could make today feel any better than the rest of them for me. Well - except maybe cake...

Thanks old friend for taking the time to help me see what is right before my eyes!

And thanks a ton to everybody for all of the birthday wishes!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the cake! Happy Birthday.