Friday, November 18, 2011

Passing The Torch

So - the time has come. We knew it would happen some time - just weren't ready for it. But it happened this week.

Meron slid on her yellow Beastie Boys shirt that some great friends of ours bought us before she was even home and it Just. Didn't. Fit.


It was a tough moment. We all wept. But then we figured out how to make it live on... get that bad boy on Mebrate STAT!

The occasion called for some dancing. Some celebrating. Some getting funky. Some shaking of our rumps.

Do not miss Mebrate's bboy stance she threw in the mix at 21 seconds. All on her own. I am pretty sure I shed a silent tear of happiness. And Meron's nutty face at 57 seconds had Mebrate laughing til she cried today.

Our girl was SUPER PROUD of her new gear. Keep on rockin' it Mebrate! And no matter what Meron says - that is NOT daddy on the front!

Don't worry Meron... daddy is already surfing the web to find ya your next shirt!

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